Five Simple Ways To Make Your Home Feel Cozy

Are you looking for a few simple ways to make your home feel cozy? A space that’s light, personal and welcoming? You know – when you walk through the door, your shoulders instantly relax.

Your home should be a place where you find respite from the rest of the world, and all of the chaos going on outside. It’s a place where you can enjoy laid back mornings and a calming bedtime ritual.  It’s a space for connecting, belonging and just being.  

Five simple ways to make your home feel cozy - Simplicity at Home.

Here are five simple ways that can help you create the feeling of home without making any drastic changes.  

1. Layers

Layers are an essential element as it gives your space that cozy lived in feel. Perhaps you have a favorite throw that you can keep readily available on the couch or a basket full of throw pillows near by. Layers add interest to a room, enhances the appearance, and gives it dimension. To add layers to your home think cozy throw blankets, soft pillows, and scented candles. 

2. Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important elements when it comes to setting the mood in a space and can easily enhance or detract from the overall ambiance. Warm white light bulbs are a great option for living rooms and gathering spaces.  Lightbulbs that are 2700-kelvin are great for lamps and accent lighting. 3000-kelvin lightbulbs are great for overhead lighting. Whiter bulbs are more suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, and workspaces.

3. Candles

Ever noticed that certain scents bring back memories? The smell of freshly baked bread could easily take you back to your childhood and the scent of lavender could make you feel like you’re in a garden or spa. Pick a scent you enjoy, and switch them up with the changing seasons.  Think floral scented candles for spring and pumpkin spice for fall. Vanilla scented candles are always a good staple to have on hand. Check out this post for some of our favorite candles.

4. Art

Artwork immediately personalizes a space.  Art comes in many forms, and some of our favorites include digital prints, family photos and hand drawn children’s artwork.  Art doesn’t have to be expensive.   There are more and more online print shops offering beautiful digital downloads at affordable prices.  Here are a few of our favorite online print shops. 

Online print shops and affordable digital art for your home.

One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven / Eight / Nine

5. Plants

Plants instantly add life (literally) and color to any space.  They make a space feel relaxed and inviting. Consider adding a little potted plant to a dresser or a shelf, or maybe your coffee table.

If you’re too busy to care for live plants (or let’s face it – you don’t have a green thumb), faux plants and trees have come a long way. 

These five simple ways to make your home feel cozy are perfect for the minimalist home.  Tell us what’s one way you love to personalize your space.

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