Free Fun Family Activities at Home in the Wake of a Pandemic

Farmers market family fun activity for free.

Summer might not look the same this year with the coronavirus pandemic keeping us close to home. You may have made the hard decision to cancel camp plans for your kids or that vacation you’ve been planning for months or even years. It’s definitely changed a lot of our plans! Luckily, even with the present situation of the world, summer doesn’t have to be boring or uneventful. With some creativity and an open mind, you can still have a fun and memorable summer! We’ve put together a list of free fun family activities at home to enjoy all summer long!

Outdoor movie nights

An outdoor movie night is one fun activity you can enjoy with your family. Set up a projector in your backyard projecting the movie onto the fence or onto a plain white sheet if you have to. Gather your favorite snacks, spread a nice cozy blanket on the grass, and cuddle up to watch a movie under the stars. Your kids are sure to enjoy this experience, and you’ll be making fun family memories in the process!

Start a backyard garden

If you don’t already have a backyard garden, now’s the perfect time to start one. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy – just some herbs, tomatoes and perhaps a few easy to grow flowers will suffice. Not only will this little garden keep you and kids busy throughout the summer, but it might also make veggie eating for your little ones that much more enjoyable! I’m often finding my own kids picking snacks from the garden instead of the pantry!

Have a dinner block party

As suggested by the Today” show host, you can hold a block dinner party in your neighborhood this summer. Take out tables and chairs, cook a fancy meal, and enjoy dinner outdoors with your neighbors while, of course, keeping a safe distance. What a great way to really connect with neighbors!

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Camp out in your backyard

Grab your tent, a few blankets and pillows and set up camp in your backyard. Read books together using a flashlight or gather around the fire pit and enjoy each other’s company under the stars. Don’t forget to bring the s’mores! Watch your local news for those rare instances that allow you to see comets or meteor showers right from the backyard!

With all of these activities mentioned above, your family can have a fun summer to remember that won’t break the bank! We’d love to hear what you’ve been doing this summer to keep it fun and memorable for your family. What are your favorite free fun family activities at home?

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