3 Reasons Grocery Pickup Saves Time and Money

Grocery pickup has become increasingly popular within the last year. It’s become a common alternative to going inside grocery stores especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most large stores are now offering grocery pickup–if you’re using a nation-wide chain, such as Walmart, then you’ll find that Walmart grocery pickup is easy to use and highly accessible.

Grocery pickup

If you aren’t already using grocery pickup, check out the following 3 reasons why you should consider joining the millions of people who are using this highly convenient, practical grocery solution.

#1: Save money by seeing your total as you shop

One of the best reasons to use Walmart grocery pickup or another store’s grocery pickup is the fact that it makes it easy to shop on a budget. You will see the total of your grocery cart as you add items, so you won’t have to worry about getting to the checkout lane and suddenly finding that you’re $100 over your budget. If you’re over budget, simply go through your online grocery cart and remove items until you’re within budget again.

#2: Sort and filter items by price to make finding less expensive items quick and easy

Another great reason to use Walmart grocery pickup and similar options is that you can find cheaper items with a simple method: use the online shopping filter to sort items from lowest to highest price, or set a limit for the maximum price you want shown in your results, and you can find the best priced options without having to search through pages of results. When you’re shopping in person, it can be difficult to find the least expensive options; you might have to compare and contrast items from entirely different aisles to make the best choice. When you use grocery pickup, everything from the size to the price to the features is viewable on the app or website.

#3: Save time by picking up groceries without having to walk around the store

As anyone who has found themselves spending two hours at the grocery store on accident can attest, it’s all too easy to spend far too long shopping for your groceries when you need to walk around the aisles. Shopping in the store takes longer because you need to walk around the store, compare items while looking for great deals or the exact things you want to buy, put them in  your cart; and then wait in a potentially long line to get checked out.

With Walmart grocery pickup and other store’s curbside pickup options, all you have to do is shop online using the app or website, place your order, then show up to the store! Your items will be placed in your car and you can go home without having to spend an hour or more of your time in the store.

If you aren’t yet using grocery store pickup, now is the perfect time to start taking advantage of this great service.

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