The Ultimate Meal
Planning System


Cut back on your food spending, and stop wondering what's for dinner every night with just 20 minutes of meal planning per week. 

Meal planning can feel overwhelming and complicated. You may have tried it, but finding new recipes on Pinterest every week left you feeling defeated. Or maybe you're thinking, "I'm not the meal planning type".  We get it.  Cooking fancy meals and spending hours searching for
new recipes is not our thing either. 

Meal planning is for anyone who wants to know what's for dinner every night. 

If you want to save time and money, and enjoy peaceful evenings at home, this simple system is for you!

Even after grocery shopping there's still nothing to eat.

After 30 minutes of not coming up with anything, you end up ordering take out. 

You feel frustrated because not only have you spent money on groceries, you've now overspent on take out.

You find yourself wondering what's for dinner every night.


We understand.  Life is busy, and meal planning feels like another chore. 

Enjoy peaceful evenings knowing what's for dinner every night.

Create a meal plan that fits your family's busy schedule.

Reduce your grocery bill and shop 1 time per week.

Have all of your meals (and snacks) planned in 20 minutes. 

But imagine if you could...





Simple meal ideas and resources to help you create a list of your own family's go to meals.  

All the meal planning printables you need from start to finish.  

Find out how a mom of four saves time and money each week while creating meaningful memories over simple meals.

30+ page easy to implement process including helpful tips and resources. 

Step by step meal planning process starting with creating a list of your family's favorite meals, and finishing with a specific and intentional grocery list.

What's included

Don't search Pinterest for hours every week.

Don't overspend on ingredients for fancy new recipes.  

Don't spend hours cooking complicated meals.

Are you ready to start meal planning with a simple system that works?

Cook tried and true family favorites.

Save money by using what's on hand.

Enjoy a plan that fits your family's busy schedule.  

Avoid overspending on last minute take out, and plan meals to fit your family's busy schedule.

Cook simple meals while creating meaningful family memories.

Don't reinvent your meal plan each week.  We won't have you searching Pinterest for hours searching for new recipes. 

Don't spend hours laboring in the kitchen over complicated meals.

Start enjoying peaceful evenings at home with a simple meal planning system that works. 

Cook tried and true family favorites that your family will enjoy eating and you'll enjoy cooking. Don't have any go to meals?  We've got you covered with simple meal ideas and resources. 

Reduce your grocery bill by using what's on hand and grocery shopping just one time per week. 

Enjoy peace of mind knowing what's for dinner every night. 


"This meal planning system is by far my favorite that I have ever used." 


 "Truly a value considering the time this will save me, not to mention the peace of mind that comes with having meals for my family planned in advance." 


"This Meal Planning System is absolutely b-e-a-u-tiful and jam-packed with incredibly helpful details."

The Ultimate Meal
Planning System 

Save time and money with just 20 minutes of meal planning per week. A simple beautiful meal planning system that works. 



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